Applewood Tech Training Helps Seniors Master Their Devices

Applewood Tech Training Helps Seniors Master Their Devices

“Today, seniors are more eager than ever to use technology to make everyday life easier and faster,” says Keith Grady, executive director at Applewood. “We realized our techie residents were deluged with help requests and it was time to introduce community-wide computer and personal device training.”

Enter “Tracy the Tech,” a former corporate IT guru who visits the Applewood Business Center twice a month to help residents with their smartphone, Nook, tablet, laptop and desktop challenges.

The program is available to any Applewood resident at no charge.

“I work one-on-one with people who are new to technology, learning new devices and those with software challenges,” Tracy explains. “Many seniors are interested in learning how to video chat on Skype or Facetime and order goods and services online.”

 Where Does a Tech Beginner Begin?

Tracy says seniors already have a sense of how handheld devices can be useful in everyday life, so they should first consider what they need the device to do for them.

“Whether their goal is to text the grandchildren or check their bank account, anything is possible.” Once she knows how the seniors want to use technology, she offers recommendations on the device/s that would accomplish that goal.

“I was having trouble getting my emails to send, but Tracy explained that my Internet connection is different in my home versus another location,” says Adrienne Freedman, the first client of the day. “Just having someone explain these things makes a world of difference.”

 “I’m using my session to practice using the Internet. When I get tripped up, Tracy gets me moving forward again,” says Elaine Shernicoff, who plans to master the desktop first and then progress to a tablet.

Tracy the Tech is clearly a hit with residents – her first session was sold out.

Residents interested in signing up for future sessions should visit Resident Services for reservations.

How Three IT Pros Living at Applewood Use Technology in Retirement

Learning Plays a Major Role in Our Exclusive Engaged Living™ Program

Engaged Living™ provides a personalized selection of mind, body, spirit and wellness programs designed to provide every resident with a rich and fruitful life at Applewood, seven days a week.

One key component of this is education, through Lifelong Learning. From renowned academics and industry leaders to college-level courses and on-site technology education programs, seniors have several options to keep up with the times.

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