Applewood’s Go Green Day Celebrates Conservation and Natural Living

Applewood’s Go Green Day Celebrates Conservation and Natural Living


A key component in our Engaged Livinglifestyle program includes social accountability that starts at Applewood and extends to the local Freehold community, across New Jersey, the nation and even globally.

Through surveys and conversations, residents have told us that being ‘good citizens’ is a priority. To meet that expectation, we create and implement programming dedicated to making our community—and our world—a better place.

“Being socially and environmentally conscious is important to the senior community,” says Keith Grady, executive director at Applewood. “We’re fortunate to have so many residents who wholeheartedly support volunteerism, conservation and contributing to the world.”


Residents came together to celebrate Go Green Day, highlighted by an agenda of events, talks and interactive activities focused on living naturally, conservation and making simple changes that benefit the individual and the world around us, including:

GreenFaith Presentation

Paul Kaufman of GreenFaith, an organization that inspires, educates and mobilizes people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership, argued that conservation is a moral responsibility that must be adopted human-by-human to be successful.

Naturally Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Cynthia Scribner of 3H HERBS (head, heart, hands) shared simple and effective recipes for using natural products to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.


“Planet Ocean” Screening and Plastic Bag Recycling

Resident Herta Schozer introduced this highly-regarded oceanic documentary and its forced partnership with the effects of modern civilization. She also demonstrated a wonderful way to recycle plastic bags into fashionable, reusable totes.

Environmental Trivia Seminar with Joan and Wanda

Joan Cinque, resident services manager, and Wanda Garrin, Engaged Living™ coordinator, quizzed participants with educational (and hilarious!) trivia about living green mindfully. Attendees also sampled delicious pistachio cupcakes and trivia stars took home prizes.


Fitness Expo – Living Healthy and Disease-Free

Fitness coordinator Daniel Piereth demonstrated the remarkable physical, cognitive and emotional benefits of exercise and explained how moving your body every day can ward off chronic diseases that affect seniors. Attendees were also treated to Applewood’s brand-new (and delicious!) green smoothie recipe.


Naturally Green Luncheon

Dining Services presented residents with an all-natural ‘green in color and content’ luncheon featuring locally-grown arugula and natural sage cheddar on brioche from a nearby bakery, veggie burger with avocado, or a chicken quesadilla with natural cheddar wrapped in a locally-baked spinach tortilla. Farm-fresh fruits, 100 percent natural honey and fresh flowers were also available for purchase at the General Store.

Applewood’s Tools-4-Schools Program Supports the Freehold Borough School District.


Well-being cannot be measured by one’s possessions,

 but by the beauty and security of their surroundings,

the quality of their culture,

and the strength of their relationships.


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