Taking Care of Aging Parents – The Next Step

Senior woman and caregiver outdoors in a gardenThere is a lot involved with the decision to move a parent or family member to a continuing care community. It’s
not as simple as just assuming that your loved one can’t take 
care of themselves, and needs daily assistance for basic things like hygiene, diet, and even their medicine. Considerations such as whether or not your parent or loved one’s condition is better suited to assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, and memory care needs to be carefully weighed. To help with what many consider one of the most difficult decisions a child can make, we’ve put together this resource to help guide you to make the best possible choice for your parent or loved one. We’ve designed this guide to be comprehensive and to answer many of the questions that you may have at all stages of the process. We also recommend downloading our free Seniors Living Guide to learn more about what separates the Applewood Senior Living Community from other Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

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Preparing for the Next Step

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?
Do my parents need continuing care?
Are my parents right for Assisted Living or Independent Living?
Signs that Assisted Living would be best for my parents?
What do I do if my parents need assisted living?

Starting the Conversation

How to start the conversation with my parents?
How do I get my parents to move to a continuing care community?
How do I know if a community is right for my parents?

Making the Move & Beyond: Moving Parents Checklist

What to pack?
What not to pack?
How to work with the staff?
How to cope with the transition?