Engaged Living™ Lifestyle Programs Expand Again

Engaged Living™ Lifestyle Programs Expand Again

Wanda Garrin, who joined Applewood earlier this year as our Engaged Living Coordinator, serves as the nucleus of the program. Her mission is to implement a continuous flow of programs and events to nurture every resident’s mind, body and spirit.

Wanda Garrin _EL Coordinator_2017

This New York City-educated communications professional is more than up to the challenge.

“The first time I visited Applewood, I observed people united in the goal of providing a wonderful quality of life for residents,” Wanda recalls. “During my career, I’ve seen the other side of that coin. The positive and inspiring environment here is incredibly heartwarming and motivating.”

Wanda has assumed several corporate managerial roles in New York City and New Jersey during her career; with input from residents, she wasted no time putting her experience to work by expanding the community’s exclusive Engaged Living program.

Eight New Program Offerings

“I immediately realized our residents are active, educated and intellectually curious,” Wanda explains. “So we’re adding another level of activities to satisfy and challenge their desire for more cultural endeavors.”

Additional program offerings will include:

  • Art Lectures Presented by Rutgers University Professor

Professor Maurice Mahler, Rutgers University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, will present a series of interactive presentations discussing how some artists’ early works affected what is ‘hot’ in today’s global art world. Resident artists are also submitting their original works to the Monmouth County Parks’ Senior Art Competition now in progress.

  • Applewood Ted Talks

TED is devoted to spreading ideas through short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) by the world’s most accomplished and innovative voices in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, medicine—and everything in between. We will present monthly Ted Talks followed by a facilitator-led discussion with residents.

  • Applewood Book Club

We are currently reading/ discussing Mudbound, the debut novel by American writer Hillary Jordan. New members, men and women, are invited to join us at our monthly meetings!

  • Music Lovers and Learners

Music feeds the heart, mind and soul. It has also been proven to keep the brain firing on all pistons, a big priority later in life. We’ll be expanding our Applewood music performances introducing piano and other instrumental lessons and exploring new opportunities to enjoy many genres of music appreciation.

  • Creative Crafting

Using your hands to create has been proven to boost mood, lessen pain and increase social skills. Many of our residents are expert-level crafters who can teach enthusiastic learners a thing or two (or three). Bring it on!

  • A Day of Beauty

Senior beauty is an exploding industry and we’ll bring in hair, cosmetic and fashion experts who can guide participants seeking a top-to-bottom makeover, or just a special look for an upcoming occasion.

  • Technology Club

From using “Siri” to instantly answer quick questions, to playing a game of Sudoku or receiving pictures from grandchildren, smartphones and other devices make life easier. Find out how to use today’s technology to your advantage.

  • El Lenguaje es Divertido (Language is Fun)

Speaking, listening and writing another language is another way to keep the mind sharp–and it’s fun!  Residents may be surprised how quickly previous language experience comes back with just a little practice. We’ll start with Spanish and French and expand to meet participant language interest.

Manhattan Performers Earn Rave Reviews

Applewood is a party place. And when there’s a party, great entertainment is a necessity.

“Being so close to New York, singers, musicians and actors are more than happy to perform at our events, holiday celebrations and other occasions,” Wanda says. “We have some amazing new performers lined-up for 2017 and into next year. It’s our hope that the best is yet to come!”

Live, Love and Learn at Applewood

From college level classes to monthly cocktail parties to trips near and far, life at Applewood is a chance to celebrate being a senior every single day.

Several programs mentioned here were suggested by residents. Do you have an idea for a new club, day trip or activity? I’d love to hear about it!

To meet Wanda, the rest of our Applewood team, and more than 200 friendly people who call Applewood home, attend one of our upcoming events for future residents or call our friendly team at (732) 303-7416 and come in for a look around.