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Applewood's Six Dimensions of Wellness

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Experience Engaged LivingTM at Applewood

Applewood is more than a community, but a philosophy that encourages wellness in mind, body, and spirit through a range of health and fitness programs. We work with every resident to create a personal wellness plan to keep you active and full of vitality. We call it Engaged LivingTM.


Engaged LivingTM is a unique Applewood program that explores the whole person’s well-being and works to engage residents through active participation in shaping their environment. Engaged LivingTM for every resident starts with a short questionnaire about your health history, habits, occupation, hobbies, recreational preferences, nutritional habits, emotional status, and key wellness attributes to create an individual profile of your wellness.

After completing the assessment, we create a summary of your overall health that offers actionable steps you can take to improve your well-being. Each plan offers recommendations and focus areas to keep you motivated and on track.

Well-being cannot be measured by one’s possessions but by the beauty and security of their surroundings, the quality of their culture, and the strengths of their relationships.

At Applewood, a non-profit continuing care retirement community in Freehold, New Jersey residents have a variety of living options available to them, depending on the level of care required to ensure that their comfort and individual needs are being attended to.

For more information about Applewood, please contact us to schedule a visit to learn more about active and worry-free living.

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