Local Clergy Convenes at Applewood to Discuss Faith and Tolerance

Local Clergy Convenes at Applewood to Discuss Faith and Tolerance

By Joan Cinque, Manager of Resident Services

One of the many benefits of living here in metro New York City is the rich diversity of people who make up our communities, including Applewood, where an educated and engaged population thrives on news, politics and current events.

During these trying times in our nation, it is more critical than ever to open channels of communication to learn about other points of view in contrast to our own. We recently hosted an on-site “Faith Dialogue” forum where members of local clergies convened to discuss how to heal old wounds and collectively move toward improved tolerance for other people’s religious values and beliefs.

Through education, there can be understanding and appreciation for other points of view.

Hosted by the Freehold Clergy Association, interested residents took part in a thoughtful discussion about religious tolerance and acceptance. The panel included religious leaders from area Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and Muslim faiths; Sharon Douglas, chaplain of our partner hospital system, CentraState Medical Center, also served as a panelist. Our residents were also invited to ask questions, share ideas and express opinions.

The timing of this event could not have been better as we were all trying to process the recent Orlando tragedy. An impressive turn-out of more than 50 residents, who represent many faiths, helped ignite a collective healing process and reinforce the importance of opening our hearts to new points of view, which can happen at any age.

The “Faith Dialogue” panel discussion is part of Lifelong Learning, a segment of Applewood’s exclusive Engaged Living™ program, which provides residents with a comprehensive platform for inspired and satisfying senior living. 

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