Old Favorites Become New Favorites at Applewood

“Recipes from Home” – Beloved Family Dishes Served at Applewood

Old Favorites Become New Favorites at Applewood


Living at Applewood shouldn’t just feel like home—it is home. And what better way to share that feeling than by enjoying your favorite family comfort foods. Last year, Heath Braunstein, director of dining services, wanted to personalize the menus he and his team create every day.

“We had the idea of reaching out to our residents to ask them to share their tried-and-true family favorite recipes, so the entire community could sample them,” Heath explains. “We received so many submissions that we decided to make a contest out of it.”

Each month, Heath and the dining services team choose a recipe from all the submissions received. The winner’s recipe, ranging from appetizers, salads, entrees, vegetables and desserts, is then prepared to serve more than 200 guests, which can get tricky, to say the least.

The Culinary Institute of Applewood Earns Rave Reviews

Executive chef Charles Arolla says that increasing a recipe from four to 200 servings is more than just multiplying the recipe by 50. “When it comes to spices, particularly, you wouldn’t add 50 times more to create the dish,” he explains. “In most cases, you only use about half of the spice volume.”

Chef says Applewood is home to a diverse community of people who have generously shared some delicious family recipes handed down for generations. From veal scallopini to mushroom barley soup to chopped chicken liver pate, there is something new to try every month.

Additional winning recipes have included:

Summer Tomato Pie; Chocolate Icebox Cake; Curried Shrimp Casserole; Italian-Style Veal & Peppers; Awesome Pot Roast; Carrot Salad; Creamy Rice Pudding; Chicken Cordon Bleu and Onion Casserole

The meat, fruits and vegetables used at Applewood come from a network of 34 locally grown farms in NJ, PA and New York State. It can sometimes be a challenge to source more unusual ingredients to complete some of the recipes. Regardless, it’s always a special meal when the resident’s recipe is featured. Winning recipes are distributed at the monthly Resident Meeting for anyone who would like to prepare the dish in their own homes or pass it on. Each year, Dining Services holds a special luncheon in honor of all the monthly winners, featuring all of the winning recipes for the past year.

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