Pursue Your Hobbies and Share Your Passion at Applewood

Pursue Your Hobbies and Share Your Passion at Applewood

Today’s baby boomers’ expect senior living to provide healthy activities, continuous intellectual growth, cultural diversity and endless opportunities to socialize.

Research has proven time and again that older adults who are active participants in life, rather than relegated to the sidelines, are rewarded with less illness, more joy and less risk of depression.

In 2015, we launched our Engaged Living™ program to address all of these needs—any beyond.

In addition to our resort-style activities carefully curated to bolster mind, body and spirit, we have observed an interesting offshoot to our program—


Based upon their personal hobbies and skills,

residents are creating new interest groups and clubs,

and inviting the community to join.


The Perfect Backdrop for Sharing Your Passion

“We enthusiastically welcome new interest clubs or groups,” says Wanda Garrin, Engaged Living coordinator. “Applewood offers meeting rooms, AV, some supplies and our private transportation is available off-site travel.”

This year alone, seniors who have been with us for years—and those who just finished unpacking—have introduced several exciting new artistic, cultural, social and spiritual interest clubs, such as:

Men’s Club

A few residents informally launched a Men’s Club, which quickly grew into one of the most popular groups at Applewood. The men have hosted several interesting speakers and utilized Applewood’s private transportation to tour the Monmouth County Correctional Facility and the Yogi Berra Museum.

“Our group is growing every month and we hope more guys will join us. We enjoy getting together and it’s a great way to meet people,” said one of the founding members.

Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO)

Virginia Haskin, a 20-year PEO member, comprised of 250,000 women who provide educational scholarships, grants, awards and loans to more than 100,000 women, hosted her chapter’s monthly meeting in Applewood’s private dining room last month.

“The PEO has supported women’s education since 1869,” says Virginia. “When women have financial access to education, we all benefit.” New members are welcomed.

French Language Class

Jacques Wahide, a native of France, had just settled into his new apartment when neighbors asked when he could start teaching them to speak or improve their French language skills. He gathered some instruction materials, amassed several eager students, and a course in conversational French was born.

“Speaking in a different language makes you use a different part of your brain,” Jacques. “I am so pleased to help others learn my native language.”

Non-Denominational Bible Study

Bill and Jan Scheerer brought their expertise and passion for the Bible to Applewood by launching a contemporary Bible Study group, supported by a video-guided curriculum. Members include residents from several religious denominations and the non-religious. Jan, a former instructor, acts as the facilitator and Bill oversees the AV.

“We asked Wanda if there was a Bible study group and she said no, but would we like to start one,” says Jan. “We got to work right away.”

Calligraphy Practice and Instruction

Resident Yvonne Clark, a professional calligrapher, former business owner and member of the Jersey Shore Calligraphers Guild, introduced the Art of Calligraphy to the filled-to-capacity craft room. Men and women are learning the art for the first time, or refreshing their skills during this weekly program.

Actively Shaping NJ Senior Retirement Through Meaningful Contributions

Applewood’s exclusive Engaged Living™ lifestyle program, developed with residents’ input and preferences, offers a meticulously-crafted, six-pronged blueprint to maintaining and pursuing emotional, physical and social wellness:

  1. Physical 
  1. Intellectual 
  1. Emotional 
  1. Social 
  1. Occupation / Vocation 
  1. Nutrition

New residents first complete an Applewood Well-Being Assessment, a short questionnaire about your professional background, hobbies, recreational preferences, nutritional habits, mental outlook, health history and other wellness-focused insight.

The Engaged Living™ team compiles the results and creates a suggested plan of customized Applewood clubs, classes and programs to compliment the senior’s interests.

This template is designed to provide the backbone for every senior to feel fulfilled, challenged and inspired today, and for years to come.

We look forward to telling you and your loved ones more about living life well at Applewood.

To learn more about Applewood’s exclusive Engaged Living lifestyle or to stop by for a tour, call 732-303-7416.