Eve Blum

“Born and bred in Jersey City,” Eve Blum spent her career teaching and tutoring. With her late husband Herb, a salesman, she raised a son and daughter in Verona before moving first to Montclair, and then to a senior community in Manchester.

“My husband died six years before I moved here. It was a tough time,” says Eve. “One day I was sitting alone as darkness fell, and I decided, ‘I’m going to move.’ And that was that.”

Eve came to Applewood. But it was also here that she found a new life.

Applewood’s continuum of care was attractive. “I had one medical episode and realized – if I get sick, who’ll take care of me?” Eve reflects.

“I knew Applewood had all the steps. I have a lovely three-room apartment, but if I need help I can go to rehabilitation or the Health Center. It really relieves my mind about my future.”

Another attraction was the chance to try new things. “Three days a week I go to Aquasize class,” says Eve. “I didn’t swim before I came here. It’s something new, and the exercise is good for me.”

She also belongs to the Players Club, the residents’ drama group. “I’m in all the plays,” she says. In addition to writing short stories, Eve belongs to the Short Story Group which is moderated by an instructor from Brookdale College. “She has us read a story by a well known author and then we discuss and analyze it.”

Eve’s new experiences include embracing technology. “I have six grandchildren, so I got a tablet enabling me to see their pictures and communicate with them. I’ve learned a lot about technology – with help from staff here, especially the young people, I can take pictures, email and go on Facebook and YouTube. One of my grandsons even set me up for Skype!”

“I also use it for research for our drama and sketches,” she relates. “And at dinner, a topic or question will come up and people will say, ‘Eve, get your tablet and Google it.'”

Eve recommends moving to Applewood early. “I see younger people coming in and I say, ‘They came at just the right age,'” she says, adding “There’s a life here. You’ll be embraced. You’re not alone.”