Hope Mann

“I can’t brag enough about the care and help here,” says Hope Mann. “They’re just wonderful.”

As a long- time resident of Applewood – she’s lived here more than ten years – Hope has experienced the community’s remarkable growth even as it has stayed true to its high standard of care and mission of providing an atmosphere where each resident can live life fully.

“Everyone on the staff, from top to bottom, cares about you,” explains Hope. “They go out of their way to help us. We’re number one to them.” Along with outstanding care for residents, she cites the community’s superb maintenance and housekeeping. “This place is immaculate,” she says.

Excellent amenities and a beautiful, well-maintained community provide Hope ample opportunity to pursue lifelong interests including playing bridge, tennis and golf, reading, and attending theater and concert performances.

For Hope, a sense of community is another benefit of life at Applewood. “When I moved here, the staff made sure I met people, that I had someone to dine with, that I had the opportunity to make new friends,” she says, adding “The community as a whole feels like a family.”

She also finds many opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment outside the community, remarking on “quite a Saturday” that included a trip with a friend to see one of the broadcast productions of the Metropolitan Opera at a local theater, followed by an Applewood-sponsored trip to a concert that evening. “The bus picks us up and takes us there, then brings us back,” Hope says. “It’s wonderful.”

In addition, the Applewood lifestyle enables Hope to pursue a lifelong interest in learning. She has taken local college courses in everything from comparative religion to linguistics to a history of Korea, Japan and China. “It was superb,” she say. “I loved it. If there’s a course available, I’m always going to school.”

Best of all, life at Applewood has brought her the opportunity to stay in touch with her family of four daughters, ten grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Two of her daughters live nearby, but the rest of the family extends all the way to the West Coast. Despite the distance, she says, “We’re all very close. It’s beautiful.”