Pat Genthner

“I wish I could tell everyone – and I can’t stress this enough – move to a senior community before you have a serious health problem.”

Pat Genthner’s advice carries the wisdom of experience. Before moving to Applewood, a rare condition caused her to lose sight in her right eye. Then shortly after she and her husband Dick moved, macular degeneration cost her most of the sight in her left eye.

Despite this setback and some other health issues, Pat and Dick have found that living at Applewood enables them to pursue their interests just as they always have. Whether it’s their three great passions – travel, theater and books – or their many other activities, the couple finds plenty of both time and opportunity to live life fully.

“We’ve been all over the world,” says Pat. “All seven continents”, Dick adds before launching into an account of their trip to Antarctica. Just recently they traveled to New Orleans. Their enthusiasm for life is infectious; as the couple discuss their lives since moving to Applewood, it’s obvious they are determined to live life to the fullest.

Both serve on resident committees – Pat on the security committee and Dick on the finance committee – among their many activities. A lifelong chorister, Dick sings in the Applewood Chorus and in his local church choir. Pat has persuaded Dick to join her for the community’s pool exercise program three times each week.

They also take advantage of transportation offered by the community to attend performances at several local theaters. “The bus service is another advantage of Applewood,” says Dick. “When it gets uncomfortable for me to drive, we’ll still be able to go out to the theater.”

Another reason for choosing Applewood was the different housing options. “We were familiar with a number of CCRC’s,” Dick says. “But when we came here and saw the cottages, that really rang a bell with us.”

“There’s always entertainment on the weekend,” adds Pat. “We’ve met wonderful people, and we’ve really found a very enjoyable lifestyle.”