Q&A with Applewood Resident Association President Virginia Allen

Q&A with Applewood Resident Association President Virginia Allen

The Residents Association plays an important operations role in the maintenance and advancement of our community. Monthly general meetings and smaller committee meetings take place frequently and include senior staff who also actively participate.

Virginia (“Ginny”) Allen has lived at Applewood since 2013 after moving from an active adult community in Monroe. Single and in exceptional health, she was nonetheless looking for the safety of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) that offered healthcare support, if ever needed down the line.

Ginny knows better than anyone about the importance of high-quality health care—she earned an Ed.D in education and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the two-year associate degree nursing program in the 1950’s.

We caught up with the former university professor and Dean to learn more about her life at Applewood, and what’s in store for the community going forward:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Ginny. Looking back a few years ago, why did you choose Applewood?

When I first considered moving to a CCRC, I visited several places with a list of what I thought was important. At the top of the list was an atmosphere/ environment where I could see myself living. Also key to my decision: community appearance, amenities, health care facilities, dining services and, of course, cost. I chose Applewood because it met all of my criteria. It also offered a friendly and casual atmosphere, just what I was looking for.

What kind of home did you choose and why?

I chose a lower-level 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment because of the floor-plan and for Robbie, my border collie. Also, the view from the home was important to me. I have a covered patio that faces the trees and pretty landscaping. The apartment is nice and light.

As a healthcare professional, why was a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) the right choice for you?

I chose a CCRC because I do not want to depend on family to care for me. I am now part of a community that includes assisted living, long-term care and memory care, if I should ever need it. I also know some of the staff, which is also very reassuring.

As president of the Resident’s Association, what can you share about the dynamic between residents and the Applewood administration?

This is my second year as president and I feel very good about the organization and our working relationship with the management team. We have several resident-chaired standing committees which also include administrative representatives, which provide a resident voice. It is common for committee deliberations to be the impetus for change. Our administration is very transparent and communications are open. Applewood management involves us in decision-making processes, whenever appropriate.

Looking ahead, what’s on the horizon that excites you about Applewood?

Lots of exciting changes are on the horizon—there are so many things I can list: Probably the most exciting thing right now is the development of an outdoor recreation area, which is under construction as we speak. It will have a putting green, shuffleboard, bocce, golf croquet and a walking trail.

We just completed the first phase of an interior re-decoration project of the entrance and rotunda area. It looks great! We also have several new activities for residents–it is fun to be part of it all.

What advice might you offer to a single person considering Applewood?

First, I would tell them the unique benefits that a CCRC offers, particularly if you are single and/or do not want to depend on family members as you age. Second, I would tell them to come sooner rather than later in life so they can fully enjoy all the events and activities here, meet interesting people and make new friends.

Have you visited Applewood? If not, we’ll be happy to take you on a tour and answer your questions. We also host a plethora of daily activities and special occasions where future community members are welcome.
Call 732-303-7416 to learn more. Ginny and the rest of our friendly community look forward to meeting you.