Snow One at Applewood Worried About ‘Snowmageddon Stella’

Snow One at Applewood Worried About ‘Snowmageddon Stella’

A foot of snow—or more–is on the way.

Oh well.

Here are eight things residents at our CCRC located in Monmouth County don’t have to worry about:

  1. Driveway shoveling
  2. Walkway shoveling
  3. Asking family and neighbors to shovel for you
  4. Removing heavy snow off the roof
  5. Spreading heavy salt or sand
  6. Being left on hold with the electric company when you lose power
  7. Waiting in long grocery store lines
  8. Worrying about medication refills

Keeping Seniors Warm, Comfortable and Safe

Ray Vargas, manager of facilities management, has a decade of experience protecting senior communities from weather adversity. “Being so close to the Shore, you have to be ready for anything,” Ray said earlier today. “Tonight’s storm will hit us hard, but we are ready for it, inside and outside.”

Ray reports that staff from the following departments will remain on-site (overnight) during the storm:

  • Management
  • Maintenance staff
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Security
  • Dining services

Commercial snowplows will begin clearing community roadways after two inches of snow have fallen and continue until the storm is over. Applewood maintenance staff will remove accumulation from walkways and put down sand to offset icing.

car in snow

Staff will also shovel in and around residents’ cars to help them eventually get back on the roads. Upon request, maintenance will also remove snow covering cars.

“Due to the substantial accumulation expected, we will shovel residents’ balconies, after the public spaces have been cleared,” Ray explains. “Should the community lose power, auxiliary generators are ready to kick-in, which will supply ample electricity to the commercial kitchens and the Performing Arts Center.

Applewood Dining Services Unaffected by Blizzard Conditions

“Our menus don’t change just because of a snowstorm or other bad weather,” says Heath Braunstein, director of dining services. “We plan daily meals well in advance and work closely with suppliers to ensure we can serve hot, fresh and delicious meals throughout the day.”

Heath says the chefs, kitchen staff and dining room servers understand the importance of maintaining seamless meal service morning, noon and night. “We have overnight employee accommodations available, so the team can perform their important jobs without traveling on treacherous roads.”

Where to Watch Nature’s Snow Show

Executive director Keith Grady is carefully monitoring the weather and holding additional management meetings to ensure every aspect of the community is optimally prepared for the storm. We asked where he recommends residents watch the snow fall (and fall…)

“The best view to watch ‘Stella’ is from the glass-enclosed heated pool, set at a balmy 82 degrees!”

To find out more about living an easier life at Applewood, a continuing care retirement community for active, independent seniors, call (732) 303-7416 to schedule a visit. Until then, stay safe!