Win-Win: Uniting Seniors with Senior Pets

Win-Win: Uniting Seniors with Senior Pets

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“Victoria was 14-years-old and unexpectedly homeless,” says Dr. Tracie Glicker of the Raintree Veterinary Hospital in Freehold, NJ. “On a whim, I called Applewood to see if anyone might be looking for a new friend.”

Resident Association President Virginia (Ginny) Allen and best friend Ruth Dowdell had lost their beloved border collie, Rob Roy, a year earlier.

The women said, “Send her over and we’ll foster her for a few days.”

And just like that, “Tori” found a new place to call home.


Pet Ownership is Good for Your Health

Studies have shown adults over 60 who have dogs as pets tend to spend an extra 22 minutes a day walking. This can cut down the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, feeling of loneliness, obesity, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle.

“From my perspective, I’ve observed that senior pet owners are also nudged into being more social, which can also help diminish depression symptoms,” says Keith Grady, executive director at Applewood.  “I’ve also seen pets serve as wonderful sources of comfort and therapy for people who have lost spouses or loved ones.”

Ruth says just about everyone who sees Tori stops to pet her and have a chat. “It is amazing to see the positive reaction people have to her.”

Tori and Ruth

Formerly Homeless Senior Pup Becomes Belle of the Ball

With the exception of missing teeth, Tori is in good health and seems to love all the newfound attention. In her previous household, her owner was away at work much of the time, resulting in her spending long days alone.

“Tori has not only brightened our lives, but she is the talk of the town whenever we take her out,” Ginny says. “Our friends ask how Tori is doing before they ask about us!”

Tori and Two Ladies

Tori and lady in red pants








Applewood is an active continuing care retirement community (CCRC) which welcomes residents with small pets.

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