At Applewood, eating is an experience

Dine the way you want, when you want. At Applewood, grab a quick scone or sandwich at the casual setting of The Bistro, or take a seat in The Applewood Restaurant for a delicious multi-course meal. Each location offers heart-friendly, diabetes-aware, and gluten-free options. Chef Charles Arolla prepares your meals, while food and beverages are served by a friendly and attentive staff that knows both your dietary preferences and your name. Visit the Culinary Institute of Applewood page to learn more about on-site programming and events.

At Applewood, you’ll enjoy fresh and seasonal locally grown Garden State produce. You’ll eat breads delivered daily from top New York and New Jersey bakeries. Select from a Bistro menu with options like pasta, seafood, meats, fresh vegetables, and pizzas. The Applewood Restaurant offers monthly menus with an array of options from sliced beef tenderloin to crab imperial and a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables.

And should you ever want to get out on the town and experience dining options in the Freehold area, our central location and transportation options make doing so easy and convenient.

About Applewood Chef Charles Arolla

Charles joined the Applewood team after amassing a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry. Charles spent over 35 years working in hotels and restaurants both as the Head Chef and General Manager. Charles’ culinary experiences began in New York City and have taken him throughout Europe. This has made him a very diversified chef, able to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences.

While not at work, Charles spends his time at home with Nancy, his wife of over 30 years and his two children, Allison and Michael.

“Residents are enjoying a rainbow of Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables that we acquired from local growers, some right here in Monmouth County.” Heath Braunstein, Director of Dining Services

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