The Culinary Institute of Applewood™ Earns Delicious Resident Reviews

Our exclusive Culinary Institute of Applewood™ is one of the many components of the Engaged Living™ lifestyle program.

Hosted by Heath Braunstein, Director of Culinary Services, and Executive Chef John Todd, each program includes a full presentation on the history of a particular group of foods, the origin of each ingredient, recipe preparation, cooking tips and recommended wine pairings.The program is winning rave reviews from residents.Bev Stern says,


“The Culinary Institute of Applewood was a wonderful surprise. Joel and I enjoyed it so very much and sincerely thank you and John for presenting it. It is just one more example of why we love living at Applewood. Loved the ravioli and look forward to that delicious pasta salad at lunch tomorrow.”


The June event, “Pasta, Pasta, Pasta,” featured a Tuscan theme highlighted by a lively lesson on preparing fresh ravioli from scratch. The demonstration also included recommended side dishes, including a protein-packed tri-colored pasta salad.

APW Chef

The CIA team hosts 12 events a year, culminating in a Food Network–style cooking competition for participants.

To learn more, click here to visit the Culinary Institute of Applewood.

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